IBES Anti-Battery System


In a Data Centre or BTS Industry in Malaysia, the power supply from TNB is normally 99% stable through-out the country yearly but most of their existing power disruptions are resulted from either faulty equipment, lightning surges, break-in tragedy and vandalism of the Earth copper bar, generator down, diesel losses, Residual Current Device (RCD) and Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) tripped … etc. Out of the above, the RCD (where is sensitive to lightning/power surges) and the MCB (where faulty equipment detected) are the most common issues of the incidents. The Generator sometime not in operation mode maybe due to run out of fuel, MCCB down or Start-up battery weak.

Currently, the above overall tragedies are not able to be monitored, controlled and managed by the operators as the power distribution reliability, Generator, diesel tank, protection gadget like RCD and MCB, the working conditions of the equipment like room temperature, air-conditioner and Server … etc. are not synchronize each other in an operation. As the result, the operators have no choice but to increase the UPS Battery Bank capacity so to extend the back-up time duration during a “Black-out” incident.

But the UPS Battery bank causes high charging time, high energy wastage, high yearly CAPEX and OPEX investment and the worst is high excessive volume of lead oxide toxins that are harmful to human being and not environmental friendly.

SOLUTION - Novelty/Uniqueness.

With “IBES ANTI-BATTERY SYSTEM (IBES-ABS)”, the working conditions of the power, generator and equipment could be monitored, controlled and manageable during an operation under normal or fault scenario remotely. The “working conditions” shall inclusive the status of: - TNB power supply, “Essential supply” from a Generator, AMF control panel, Start-up Batteries, diesel level, Rectifier, Server, equipment and a UPS Batteries bank, as well as the power fault resulted from disruption of power supply, faulty of equipment/air-conditioner, lightning surges, break-in tragedy, room temperature, work permit access, vandalism of the Earth copper bar and diesel losses... etc.

All status and fault reporting shall be generated to the remote “Regional Operation Centre (ROC)" office or hand phone. With the define reports send through the pre-programmed command software as designed in the system, the system shall carry-out the related “ACTION” immediately. The development of the “IBES-ABS" is well suitable for the existing market to reduce CAPEX and OPEX investment of the UPS Battery Bank at the BTS and Data centre.