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TNB was suffering from vandalism at the 33/11Kv substation nationwide and making huge losses of OPEX and CAPEX yearly. Most of the incidents were happened at the feeder pillar, copper bus-bar and transformer at the sub-station.

We supplied and deployed “IBES Smart power“ and “IBES Smart CMS SCADA” systems at Serendah, Rawang, Selangor to overcome vandalism issues.

The system able to detect attempted theft of copper or transformers in substations and can report such attempts via telephone/email/SMS messages to alert instantly to a Regional centre, engineer, police or contractor.

Apart from monitoring power status, the unique system is also able to manage an unman site through “Entrance with Permit” and perform vandalism analysis against break-in; remote access “Open/Close”; automatic alarm alert; transformer or earth “Grounding”; remote control of an event and manage an action carried out by an Engineer or contractor instantly.

Thus, the system helps to reduce down time, minimize site attendance and thereby contribute towards savings on TNB’s OPEX costs.