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“IBES Antishock and IBES SMART DB” Systems are a smart power distribution solutions. This new and innovative technology will bring a new era for the method of electricity distribution that to be used in the domestic and commercial industry. Both Systems are user friendly; ease and convenience in operation; self-automatic with intelligent features; accomplish OPEX and CAPEX saving in daily operation and most importantly, achieving and deserving to the “Green Building Initiative” index (GBI) for a better environment.

The unique product is patented and is the 1st in the World of its kind able to comply with the following:-

“IBES SMART POWER SYSTEM” is an innovative solution that able to provide the following unique features:-

  • Automatic power faults detection;
  • Mitigate the risk of electric shock;
  • Automatic EARTH continuity detection with indication/alarm alert;
  • Automatic POWER SHUTDOWN when:
    • Loss of Neutral/ Live
    • Loss of Earth continuity
  • Pre-Alert of copper Bus Bar Vandalism at the Sub-station,
  • Pre-Alert of Vandalism or operation status against diesel level, power supply status and break down, UPS battery, remote generator operation, air-conditioners and Rectifier working conditions at the Base Transmission Station (BTS).
  • Automatic POWER RESET against lightning/power surge tripping,
  • Instant alert via GSM/LAN,
  • CMS Operation which managing services to eliminate territory restriction,
  • Power monitoring, control and manage interruption at HOME or unman remote site, and
  • Great saving on OPEX and CAPEX on labourer intensive industry.


“IBES CMS SCADA SYSTEM” is a network solution with customize design of the software and hardware to receive power fault event reporting with ONLINE basis from any “IBES System” that deployed at the site.

IBES CMS SCADA software shall be down loaded to a PC Workstation at a control centre which ride on GSM and LAN communication backbone. If a fault has been detected at a remote site, the information will be sent to the control centre as well as the user, technical personal, vendor, contractor, police … etc. through GSM/LAN for reporting and action instantly.

The product has obtained product MS Certification from SIRIM and “Certificate of Approval” from Malaysia Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST).